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Bathroom Vanity Types

Bathroom Vanity Types

As an important part of any bathroom, bathroom vanity is available in many types. All of the types could be selected accordingly to match different preferences of people and also different need. One thing that should be remembered in browsing all of the selections is that it should not be too stylish and too expensive but it should be having maximum functions. Commonly the bathroom vanities come along with sinks as integral part of them.

Among the types of bathroom vanity along with sink is the pedestal sink. It is also popularly known as free standing sink. It needs only a small space to be placed so that it is considered to be the best option for small sized bathroom. It will deliver neat, cool, nifty, and also utilitarian accent into any bathroom. Many designs are available in different shapes and sizes of this type of bathroom sink vanity. Moreover there is also the type of free standing vanity that is actually a combo of pedestal sink and also vanity. The benefit of having this type is that it will provide spaces to store your essential needs for any activity inside the bathroom.

Next type of bathroom vanity is the vessel sink and vanity. This is a great alternative of traditional option of sink and vanity. It is more stylish in its appeal. Yet it takes quite a lot of space inside the bathroom so this is not the best choice for small sized bathroom. Another bad thing of this type is that it cannot really go well with any shape of the bathroom itself.

Vanity cabinets will be the next type that could be chosen. This is actually the second most popular choice of people in relation to the bathroom vanity cabinet needs of people right after the free standing type. Anyone using this type will get all of the utilities while at the same time saving the needed space inside the bathroom. Following the type of the bathroom vanity, there are more options of the sink to get along with the chosen vanity.

There is the wall mounted sink as one option that will definitely save up the floor space. This is the recommended choice of bathroom with limited space. Yet it might not really be durable since it could be very vulnerable to impacts. There is also the under-mount sink that is going to give a sleek look on top of the counter or vanity. It is a perfect choice for contemporary style to accompany the modern style bathroom vanity.

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